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Raytown Charter Commission
Meeting Minutes – Monday, April 29th, 2014

·         Swearing in at 6:37 PM.
·         Roll call at 6:38 PM.
·         Nominations for Chairman:  Ted Bowman, Michael McDonough, Steve Guenther, and Jim Aziere.
o   Nominees speak to their nominations.
o   Lisa Emerson motions to vote by secret ballot and with a plurality.
§  Seconded.
§  Vote is 10-2 in favor.
o   Results:  Ted Bowman 4, Steve Guenther 6, Michael McDonough 1, Jim Aziere 1.
o   Steve Guenther speaks to his position.
·         Nominations for Vice Chair:  Sandra Hartwell, Jason Greene, Michael McDonough, and Ted Bowman.
o   There is agreement to vote by the same procedures.
o   Nominees speak to their nominations.
o   Results:  Sandra Hartwell 0, Jason Greene 6, Michael McDonough 2, Ted Bowman 4.
·         Nominations for Secretary:  Charlotte Melson and Lisa Emerson.
o   Nominees speak to their nominations.
o   Results:  Charlotte Melson 3, Lisa Emerson 9.
·         Susan Dolan suggests nominating a sergeant at arms.
o   Discussion concludes a formal sergeant at arms is not needed at this time.
·         Nomination for Treasurer:  Sandra Hartwell.
o   The vote on the treasurer is postponed because there is only one nominee and because Sandra Hartwell is not present.
·         Steve Guenther reconfirms the purpose of the meeting.
·         Jim Aziere suggests the Missouri Municipal League (MML) come speak to the body and clarifies they would speak for one hour maximum including questions.
o   Janet Emerson motions we spend up to $100 with the MML to have them come and speak.
§  Seconded.
§  Passes 10-2.
·         Lisa Emerson motions that we adopt Robert's Rules of Order and that our meetings will be governed by the small group procedures due to the number on the charter commission.
o   Seconded.
o   Passes 12-0.
·         Steve Guenther suggests a starting point looking at what is in many Missouri city charters, including neighboring ones, to determine what can be changed and altered.
·         Susan Dolan suggests basic data gathering of staff, salaries, etc.
·         Charlotte Melson suggests we figure out procedure for money, etc. allotted.
·         Janet Emerson suggests she can make copies of paperwork for the body to save money.
·         Steve Guenther suggests scheduling the next meeting and having the presentation occur at the next meeting and asked that Jim Aziere follow up on such.
o   Mary Jane Van Buskirk suggests a singular location for future charter meetings.
o   Charlotte Melson suggests a consistent day and time for future charter meetings.
o   Greg Walters motions we meet the second and fourth Mondays at City Hall with the next meeting to be the 12th of May at 6:30 PM.
§  Seconded.
§  Passes 12-0.
·         Greg Walters motions that the meetings be rebroadcast on government channel 7 from some kind of media provided by Michael Downing of his own volition, for free, when he is present to do so, on the same schedule as the Board of Alderman meetings.
o   Seconded.
o   Janet Emerson has inquired with the city as to their requirements and the cost for City employees to run the camera.
o   Susan Dolan has inquired with local videographers as to their requirements and costs.
o   Ted Bowman requests we find out Michael Downing’s requirements and costs.
§  Michael Downing stated that he might not be able to come to every meeting but would film when he is available.
o   Passes 8-2-2.
Adjourned at 8:26 PM.